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How purpose spurs connection – in content and beyond

I'm writing this from Stellenbosch. Finally trying out a more location-independent lifestyle. This, by the way, has been one of my goals for the last five years. That is how old my company, The Content Agency, is now - almost five years. Sure, I started out a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed creative freelancer, but two and a [...]

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What the ‘human condition’ means for content

I am a sucker for reading. A bibliophile of note. I love how you find the most beautiful synchronicities among the pages of vastly different genres and styles. And how you can use it to inspire your brand. Yesterday, for example, I was reading an interview with Russian director, Andrey Zvyaginstev, in the Economist. As [...]

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Avoiding kleptomnesia – how not to steal other people’s ideas

The Content Agency was recently tasked with helping our tech-savvy future-focused client bring their app – set to revolutionise the way Africans interact with apps – to market. A brilliant idea! Also a fantastic team and a robust product. But they had the worst positioning ever! You see, their slogan (and core positioning) read: Moving [...]

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What rebranding can do for your business

Did you know that Google has undergone seven major logo changes since 1998? Coca-Cola, too, has gone from ‘Drink Coca-Cola and enjoy it’ in 1886 to ‘Taste the feeling’ in 2016 (changing its slogan a whopping 57 times since it first went to market). Even Standard Bank, the bank that’s perhaps the most prominent among [...]

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Liz van Zyl, an entrepreneur making magic with words to help clients get their messages across

In a world where consumers are bombarded by information 24/7, it can be hard to get a brand and its messaging to breakthrough and connect, and that’s where The Content Agency comes in. The brainchild of South African entrepreneur Liz van Zyl, this specialist business venture creates high impact content capable of making that crucial [...]

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An insider’s view: Meet The Content Agency’s founder – Liz van Zyl

There’s something to be said for being the founder of a business. It takes courage. Tenacity. And a drive for changing the status quo – all of which are qualities that Liz van Zyl embodies. Over the years, she has realised that brands are great and doing things worth talking about. The problem occurs when these [...]

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The Content Agency selected as 1 of 30 to participate in prestigious business accelerator programme

Liz van Zyl, Founder and CEO of The Content Agency, has been selected to participate in the Lionesses of Africa Business Accelerator. Powered by Standard Bank and Liberty, this is the first-ever programme of its kind. The aim of the programme is to help 30 cherry-picked female entrepreneurs from all over Africa take their business to [...]

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