How purpose spurs connection – in content and beyond

I'm writing this from Stellenbosch. Finally trying out a more location-independent lifestyle. This, by the way, has been one of my goals for the last five years. That is how old my company, The Content Agency, is now - almost five years. Sure, I started out a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed creative freelancer, but two and a [...]

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What the ‘human condition’ means for content

I am a sucker for reading. A bibliophile of note. I love how you find the most beautiful synchronicities among the pages of vastly different genres and styles. And how you can use it to inspire your brand. Yesterday, for example, I was reading an interview with Russian director, Andrey Zvyaginstev, in the Economist. As [...]

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Avoiding kleptomnesia – how not to steal other people’s ideas

The Content Agency was recently tasked with helping our tech-savvy future-focused client bring their app – set to revolutionise the way Africans interact with apps – to market. A brilliant idea! Also a fantastic team and a robust product. But they had the worst positioning ever! You see, their slogan (and core positioning) read: Moving [...]

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What rebranding can do for your business

Did you know that Google has undergone seven major logo changes since 1998? Coca-Cola, too, has gone from ‘Drink Coca-Cola and enjoy it’ in 1886 to ‘Taste the feeling’ in 2016 (changing its slogan a whopping 57 times since it first went to market). Even Standard Bank, the bank that’s perhaps the most prominent among [...]

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